An Inside Look At Reasonable Calgary Facepainting Solutions

Apr 16, 2017  

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They've set the guidelines. "And we've laid that to our players' feet and their players' feet. This is what is going to be expected. We're not going to fool anybody. There's none of this cloak and dagger. There's no place to hide. Go out and do the job that's necessary. Do it the right way." The Ducks did so right away. Ryan Kesler won a faceoff against Calgary's Mikael Backlund and Shea Theodore and Silfverberg moved possession of the puck to the point, where Getzlaf ripped a slap shot in off Elliott to cash in Dougie Hamiltion's penalty just 52 seconds in. It became Getzlaf's 30th career playoff goal and 100th postseason point.

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